Dienstag, 13. Dezember 2011

Rune Factory Frontier

Now you wonder certainly "What does she want with such an old game?" but I play it at the moment and I like it so much, that I must write about it C(:
I would like to marry Bianca, she is cute and her clothes are really nice, haha.
She don't like anything, It's not easy to make this woman happy <,<' xD

Maybe I make a video about my character, my home, my animals (monsters) and so.
Ah yes, where I mention just video, I think about making a VLOG, but I'm still not sure...
So be suprised, haha. This entry is not really useful, but it doesn't matter xD

Enjoy the rest of the week, doesn't work too hard and have a nice time v^-')

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