Dienstag, 3. Januar 2012

K-Pop Awardshow 29.12.2011 ♥

At the 29.12. was the K-Pop Award Show + After Show Party at the "Koreanisches Kulturzentrum Berlin". It was a new experience for me, because these scene is completely new for me. I don't know how I shall to explain it, but I was really surprised about the feelings and peoples at this time. Normally, I'm with Visual Kei / Japan - Fans together, but on these day was Korea the main topic (yes~ it's logically, I know xD). The people dance and sing a lot, they train the Performance of the korean bands and imitate this. It's all very lively, haha. I'm glad about the things and everything out asia <3 The show was great, even if Super Junior haven't a first place in all categories. Ah yes, at the beginning, we have become a little present from the crew. I was so happy about the photo from LeeTeuk, I've had luck with the paper bag xD

Yeah~ it was a funny time. And now, I have a new friend on my side ♥ I think that's the best from all at these day C(; So~ enough gab, haha.

Have a nice week and enjoy the new year! See ya v^-')

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