Montag, 27. Februar 2012

Love~ *^*

Today came a registered letter *-* And~ Ta-Dah~ this was in it:

- Boys Before Flowers Necklace
- SHINee Key Shini Star Lip Balm
- LeeTeuk Style Stick Ball Chain Bracelet

I'm so happy about this, the necklace is so damn~ beautiful, the Lip Balm smells totally good xD and I never take the bracelet off again *^* Now I'm just waiting on two orders, my Super Junior tote bag + LeeTeuk lanyard and the photobook with DVD from girugamesh. I'm very curious about it 8(>//3//<)8

I wish everyone a nice week and a good time.
See ya v^-')

PS: I've the feeling that my english isn't a little bit better after all the time <,<'


  1. waaaaaah shini star lip balm *__*
    ich will auuuuuch ♥

  2. Das ist echt toll, bin schon am überlegen mir noch ein paar mehr davon zu holen >w< ♥
    So was geht ja immer so schnell alle Q,Q